How I Work

About John's approach and how he works with you.

I help you solve problems and issues, whether internal, interpersonal or external. Being present and listening deeply helps me to quickly gain an understanding of your context and needs (individual, couple, group, team, organisation) without getting side-tracked in detail and complexities. 

I hold this focus while helping you to see and understand yourself, others and external factors more clearly. Then you're more aware and better informed to deal with challenges, unhelpful behaviour and emotions, friction and dis-satisfaction, issues with performance and delivery ... and more.

I use strength-based, practical approaches (including therapeutic as appropriate), which help you build understanding of responsibility, ownership and the courage to be honest. This means you clear complexity, gain clarity and perspective and create understanding. From there, you can generate engagement, ownership and real contributions in your relationships, social and workplace situations.

Learning how to help yourself is fundamental to making real improvements ... helping you to extend your capabilities is an important aspect of the work we do together. These often include:

  • Becoming more mindful and aware.
  • Taking responsibility, ownership, being accountable.
  • Stepping into apology, forgiveness, service.
  • Developing a more positive attitude and "growth" mindset.
  • Learning how to listen deeply to self and others.
  • Growing emotional capability, extending intimacy and emapthy to others.
  • Developing courage to make mistakes, be creative, listen to and act on intuition and instinct.

True collaboration is then possible - people living and working WITH one another, for shared results and benefits.

Background and experience:

Currently I work with both private clients (counsellor, coach) and in organisations (coach, facilitator, mediator).

Prior to working in this field, I worked for both public and private sector organisations. Roles have involved scientific research and development, secondary school teaching and management, sales management, business management, organisational development, company partnership and strategic business development.

Over the years I have worked for other consultancies' clients as part of project teams. I have also led and co-led the training of facilitators and coaches through Zenergy's Diploma of Facilitation for several years.

I have a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Lincoln University), Diploma of Teaching (Auckland University), Diploma of Facilitation and Coaching (Zenergy Global), Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy (NZSHS).

Other colleagues:

I work with a select group of experienced colleagues who can assist you depending on your needs and the nature of your projects. They have similar approaches and at the same time, varied and valuable backgrounds and expertise. They can help you in areas such as:

  • Personal effectiveness
  • General HR services
  • Recruitment and talent management
  • Cross-cultural effectiveness
  • Board, governance and directorship
  • Strategy, capital and investment
  • Strategic marketing, brand development and alignment

Please review 4thway's services and contact us for more information.